Inspired by Trigger Protection Mantra by Jhené Aiko

Tonen is my Buddhist and spiritual teacher.


A leaf blowing in the wind.

Detached from its roots.

Unable to bear fruit, its destination is unclear.


No trees grow here.

But leaves blow, and leaves go….

Sometime in circles.


It feels like a perpetual winter.

A coldness that will never end.


Tonen told me to work with the forecast.

Seasons come and seasons go.

Everything is transitional.


Which I can mentally comprehend.

But when will winter end and summer begin?


Nothing seems seasonal, not even cyclical.

This pain is linear and perpetual.


Tonen told me it’s in my mind.

The more I hold on to it, the worse it becomes.


Like heaven, spring and summer is in our hearts, in our thoughts.

And my reaction towards winter is worse than winter itself.

Experience, be. Don’t label everything.


Labels limit the meaning of a thing. Multiplicity is what makes us more then what the eye could ever see.

Sometimes hurt can be a good thing. It has the power to teach in a voice that happiness doesn’t have.

But if you avoid hurt or label it as bad, can’t nothing come from it but shadows and a hunted past.


Then we find ourselves piecing our life together like broken glass. And that shouldn’t be.

On the road to self-healing and self-discovery….

Let it come naturally.


Force has its place but not in this healing space.


Like an abstract artist never draws a complete face, look beyond… into the core of a thing.

Nothing is what it seems. And to draw a face would be to easy.

The core, the soul of a thing, the multiplicity of what it means to be a sentient being.


Give yourself room to be many things in one. Not a walking contradictory.

But fully human. Fully experiencing, fully feeling, fully open to life as it unfolds.


Life is the best teacher that anyone of us can have. Slow down and listen to the voice that will direct your path.

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Awoke, Astray, Forgotten, Fortunate, Hell Bent, Heaven Sent. A cluttered mind, a Clarity that’s divine.